A digital box plaque that takes you to the horse's profile in a flash!

The signs are made of glossy purple acrylic. Mount the sign on the horse's box or somewhere else in the stable using the two silver screws that come with it.

Almost magical? - NFC

NFC is a new technology with blip functionality that works with most new mobiles (iPhone 7 and later). On the iPhone, the NFC reader is located at the top of the back of the mobile phone, and on Android, the reader is located in the middle of the mobile phone. You activate the sign yourself by pressing the three dots in the horse's profile.

All proceeds go to development of the app!

If you are going to make a larger order

Send us an email at to discuss the package price for large orders.

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How to activate your floccs sign

Ladda ner floccs-appen på Appstore eller Google play och skapa ett personligt konto. Skapa en profil till din häst- gör det under hästar på din egna profil.


1. Gå till din hästs profil och tryck på de tre prickarna i det övre högra hörnet.

2. Klicka på aktivera floccs-skylt.

3. Tryck på aktivera och håll mobiltelefonen mot din floccs-skylt!

4. Färdig! Nu kan du skanna skylten!

Kolla in videon för att se hur det går till!